Relieve Sinus Pressure Without Tears

Whether sinus pressure is caused by sinusitis, congestion resulting from the flu and colds, or allergies, it is a condition that is often hard to treat; therefore, you need to learn as much as you can about it in order to address it successfully.

When the sinuses are congested, bacteria often build up in the sinus cavities and proceed to infiltrate the nose, resulting in bad breath, also known as halitosis. Congestion in the sinuses must be eliminated; otherwise, the sinus pressure, as well as the bad breath, will remain.

Let's take a look at a number of strategies you can use to get rid of sinus pain. A Neti pot is an excellent tool that can be used to get rid of congestion and the sinus pressure it causes. Think of a tea kettle if you have never heard of a Neti pot before. It consists of a small bowl into which you put a warm saline solution. A long spout, which extends from the bowl, is then inserted into the nostril. As you tip your head to the side, the saline solution flows into the upper nostril, flooding the nasal cavity, and out through the lower nostril, taking the built-up bacteria and mucous with it.

This results in a significant lessening of the sinus pain, and the pressure stays away for several hours. The best thing about using a Neti pot is that it is a completely safe and drug-free remedy. When the built up congestion is eliminated, pressure on the sinuses is reduced.

Applying warm compresses to the face is another strategy that can be used to reduce sinus pressure. One area on the face on which to place the warm compress is between the eyes where the ethmoid sinuses are found. Placing them between your cheeks and your nose on both sides of your face will address the maxillary sinuses. Sinus pain is alleviated because the heat liquefies the congestion, allowing it to easily drain from the nose.

Another effective remedy is to breathe in steam that is produced by a vaporizer or humidifier. Again, heat, this time in the form of warm steam, liquefies the compacted mucous so that it can easily drain out of the nose. Congestion that is caused by allergies and viruses is easier to treat than congestion that results from a bacterial infection. But regardless of what is causing the congestion, these methods will provide some relief from the sinus pain....

Relief from Sinus Pressure Using Pharmaceutical Preparations

A number of drugs are available over-the-counter and with a prescription that are effective in reducing sinus pressure. Guaifenesin is a mucolytic drug that helps the mucous that causes sinus congestion to drain better by making it a lot thinner. Sinus pressure is significantly lessened when mucous is able to flow freely out of the nasal cavity....

Additional medications designed to reduce sinus pressure are:

o An over-the-counter preparation called Zyrtec This antihistamine, which does not produce drowsiness, will do an effective job of getting rid of sinus infection, particularly those resulting from allergies.

o Claritin, another over-the-counter medication When sinus pressure builds as a result of an allergic reaction affecting the sinuses, this is another non-drowsy antihistanine formulation that works well.

o Benadryl, also available over the counter Even though it will lessen sinus pressure, this antihistamine is known to cause drowsiness, so you should be careful using it. Using a nasal spray containing steroids will shrink the swelling in the nasal cavity that causes sinus pressure.

o A nasal spray containing a decongestant This is another medication that promotes drainage out of the nasal cavity by reducing the swelling that can occur there.

Other medications are available in addition to the medications and remedies that have already been discussed if the sinus pressure is caused by a sinus infection. Erythromycin antibiotics such as Zithromax and erythromycin, quinolone antibiotics such as Levaquin and Cipro, sulfa antibiotics such as Bactrim, cephalosporin antibiotics such as Ceclor and Keflex, and penicillin are all doctor-prescribed medications that will eliminate infection and reduce sinus pressure.

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